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New Dicor
Ultra Sealant

This new
two-part system
has been
tested and
proven effective
on all known TPO
roofing. Ultra
Sealant should
always be sold as
a two-part system,
which includes
Ultra Sealant
Primer (applied
with a 1-1/2 inch
paint brush) and Ultra Sealant
(applied with a caulking gun once the
primer has dried).

Ultra Sealant is now available at most distributors.
Order today to keep your customers smiling.

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For many years EPDM (rubber) and TPO (Thermo Plastic Olefin) have been used for RV roofs. Until recently TPO production was protected by a patent ensuring consistent chemical composition, however, that patent has expired. TPO is now being produced with a variety of polymer formulations and they are not at all the same. Now there are many formulations of TPO and some of them began appearing in the RV market last year.

Being the industry leader in roofing and roofing maintenance products, Dicor tested some of these new TPO formulations against available sealants.

We found some TPO roofing membranes are not chemically compatible with off-the-shelf sealants, resulting in bloating and disfiguring of the membrane. Although mostly a cosmetic problem (i.e. it does not reduce the performance of the roofing material or sealant) Dicor proceeded to develop the new two-part Ultra Sealant System to help eliminate or significantly reduce these cosmetic issues in most cases.

RVers will be looking for the new two-part
Ultra Sealant System

To help prevent problems, we have initiated an awareness and education campaign which includes advertising, public relations, emails and helpful resources on our website alerting RVers to the situation. Materials include the helpful selection chart at right that helps RVers identify the right sealant for their RV. We are also recommending that RV owners look for Ultra Sealant at their favorite dealership if they suspect their RV to have the new TPO roofing. To meet demand we urge you to include the two-part Dicor Ultra Sealant System along with Dicor’s traditional Lap Sealant in your roofing product inventory.



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