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Vixen FRP: the first fiberglass reinforced plastic engineered for RVs

FibroPlus™ FRP
Specially designed to boost the performance of RV sidewalls, FibroPlus™ is formed with higher fiberglass content and proprietary resins making it ideal for RV production and RV lifestyles.

FibroGloss™ FRP
Built upon the solid foundation of FibroPlus™, FibroGloss™ has a smooth, high-luster surface to provide a high-gloss finish to any RV.

FibroFine™ FRP
Light yet tough, FibroFine™ is an excellent choice for applications requiring a thinner composite exterior.

FibroTrans™ FRP
Save thousands in lighting costs by constructing wall or ceiling sections with FibroTrans™ translucent FRP. High strength keeps the wind and weather out while letting sunlight in.

To develop the ideal FRP for the RV industry, you have to inventory both what you know and who you know. You meet with people at the end of your hall, and at the end of long plane rides. Very, very long plane rides. You document what has worked in the past, what hasn’t and analyze the difference. Producing superior FRP relies upon both the fiber in the panel, and the fiber of those that work with you.

After months of research, our Vixen Composites affiliate is proud to introduce its FRP production partner – Fibrosan. Vixen Composites formulated FibroPlus™, an FRP developed from scratch to exceed the demands of RV production, RV use and RV care. Several companies were interviewed, and Fibrosan was the only one to meet our standard of quality, volume and most importantly, imagination.